About Us

Welcome to Bagnall, a refreshing new world where HR and benefits are delightful, not dreary. Whether your organization partners with us for HR advice, employee benefits consulting, wellness programming, or technological improvements, our team will go the extra mile to enhance your happiness and health.


At Bagnall, we believe in:

People Over Profits

We treat our clients and team members with the respect that a valued business partner deserves. Our team always puts our clients’ interests ahead of making money.


Outperforming Over Settling

We never settle for mediocrity or doing only what is expected. Our team strives to go the extra mile every time to exceed the expectations of our clients and each other.


Being Proactive Over Reactive

We are an eager group that strives to provide fast, friendly service and be two steps ahead of everyone else. Our team maintains strong relationships by staying on top of our clients’ needs, building trust, and addressing concerns before they become issues.


Specificity Over Generalities

We attend to details that others would overlook. Our team is known for getting things done — and doing them right the first time.


Expertise Over Illusion

We focus on providing professional, knowledgeable counsel to our clients and their employees. Our team has the experience to solve even the most complex problems and deliver on every promise. You can count on us!


We look forward to welcoming you to our world and showing you the Bagnall difference.

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