January Client Spotlight: Madison Elementary School District

LoriThe Madison Elementary School District was established in 1890 encompassing an area of 15 square miles in Phoenix. The district’s first school, Madison School No. 1, was located at 12th Street and Missouri, surrounded by citrus groves.

Madison No. 1 was built in 1897 as the district’s first permanent facility at 16th Street and Missouri. It was originally a two-room brick building constructed by RM Gordon.  It would be the district’s only school for the next 50+ years.

As the district continued to grow, two additional schools were added: Madison No. 2 and Madison Simis.  Today, the district boasts eight schools, 900 employees and 6,000 students.

This past November, The Madison Elementary School District set out to find an employee benefits and HR consulting firm to help them get to the “next level” on their employee benefit programs.  They wanted to survey employees and the marketplace to ensure staff needs were met and the benefit plans were state of the art and competitive.  Madison also wanted to gather information and feedback from employees about what was important to them.  Together with Bagnall, a division of Gallagher Benefits, Inc., hey have formed an employee committee to spearhead the project, assess alternatives and make decisions to ensure employees are happy with their benefits.

Lori Garvey, Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services said, “It’s so critical to us.  We wanted to find a firm that would help us make the best decisions. Bagnall, a division of Gallagher Benefits, Inc., has been absolutely wonderful.  They are with us every step of the way and extremely responsive.  After just a few short months working with Bagnall, a division of Gallagher Benefits, Inc., we can tell they are going to be a great partner.”

Currently, the district is conducting an extensive competitive bid process for all of their employee benefit plan offerings, including medical, dental, vision, life, disability and worksite benefits.  Once the procurement process is complete, the district will begin educating employees and then look at creating an employee wellness plan.

Madison Elementary School District is the only “A” rated District in the City of Phoenix.  It excels in student achievement and is known for its progressive thinking.  The District is generational, many parents have moved their families back to Central Phoenix to allow their children to experience Madison, just as they did as a child.

To learn more about the Madison Elementary School District, please visit: http://www.madisonaz.org/.