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June Client Spotlight

This month’s client spotlight is Gentry Pediatric Behavioral Services, a diagnostic, treatment and consultant service assisting families throughout the entire Phoenix Metro Area. Gentry is devoted to providing early diagnosis, educational support and comprehensive treatment options for children and families … Continue reading


May HR Video

AZ Prop 206 goes into effective on July 1, 2017.  Lynda McKay goes through some of the basics for earned paid sick time and how it might impact your company.  Tune in to learn more!


December HR Video

With each new year, employees often ask if they need to fill out a new W4 again.  Lynda McKay, Vice President of Human Resources Consulting answers all your questions in this month’s HR video.  Watch now to learn more!


September HR Video

Are you tired of paperwork? Would you like to make your benefits administration more efficient? If so, watch this month’s HR video that gives 3 great benefits tools.


August HR Video

This month’s HR video takes a look at narrowed and tiered networks.  Adam Walter discusses the key concepts and provides information to help you determine if either plan is right for you.


June HR Video

Our June HR Video takes a look at SingleCare.  It’s free and easy to use.  If you are looking to save money on your healthcare costs, watch this video!


May HR Video

Exempt or non exempt? This month’s HR video will help you sort out who is eligible and who is not.


April HR Video

Do you employees suffer from financial flu? 4 in 10 full time workers say they worry about personal finances during work.  Watch this month’s HR video for some tips on how to help your employees.


March HR Video

This month’s video takes a look at open enrollment.  We know it can be a busy time of year.  Our HR video gives you three tips to get ready and meet your open enrollment goals.


December HR Video

This month’s HR video takes a look at volunteers.  Is your company considering using volunteers? Check out our tips on who is considered a volunteer and if you need to pay them or not.