Bagnall specializes in helping manage your human capital through employee benefits, human resources, wellness, and technology consulting. These areas of a business are often frustrating and expensive, but when you partner with us, you enter a refreshing new world where everything is easier. With our experienced and proactive team by your side, your organization can look forward to saving money, while improving the health and happiness of your staff and employees.

Call 480-893-6510 or email us for more information about our core services:

  • Employee Benefits Consulting: We design customized employee benefit plans which drive engagement, improve wellness, reduce costs, help maintain compliance, and alleviate administrative burdens.
  • Human Resources Consulting: Our Human Resources Department provides the guidance your team needs to control risk, maintain compliance, and answer all of your pressing HR questions.
  • Wellness Consulting: Our Wellness Department helps reduce healthcare costs, decrease absenteeism and turnover, and increase employee satisfaction through award-winning wellness services.
  • Technology: Our web-based benefits enrollment and management system eliminates duplicative paper processes, saves time on plan administration, and dramatically decreases costs. Employee portals and leave management systems are integrated into the planned framework.