Employee Benefit Centers

Whether employees are researching their benefits during a time of need or simply want to understand what they are entitled to, they must be able to easily find and understand this information. Traditional methods of benefit communication have not been very successful for most HR professionals, so Bagnall has developed a better solution.

Bagnall works with your team to design and maintain your Employee Benefit Center, a branded, customized web portal that provides access to all of your employee benefit plans and more. With the Center as a resource, your organization can streamline the communication process, increase employee awareness of their benefits, and allow staff to spend time focusing on the more strategic functions of their job instead of answering basic questions time and time again.

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The Power of an Employee Benefit Center

  • Create a central, web-based portal for all employee benefit information, including all vendor websites, enrollment and claim forms, etc.
  • Ensure consistency of your benefits communication, reducing the possibility of misunderstandings or miscommunication
  • Upload existing documents to your personal employee benefit website
  • Increase efficiency by reducing routine benefit inquiries
  • Save money by eliminating printing and distribution costs
  • Minimize costs when benefits change
  • Gain access to free text and personalized communication tools