Online Benefit Plan Enrollment

Companies waste over $50 billion each year on duplicative paper processes while administering employee benefit plans. Bagnall’s web-based benefits enrollment and management system solves this problem and more, leading to cost savings, increased accuracy, less administrative burden, and better information sharing among employees, employers, and employee benefit plan vendors.

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The Power of Online Benefit Plan Enrollment

  • Enables efficient data sharing and transferring of benefits information to any third party who accepts electronic files
  • Produces enrollment forms populated with information entered online by the employees (for vendors who require forms)
  • Produces online employee benefit statements (The “Hidden Paycheck”)
  • Allows documents (such as SPDs or benefit overviews) to be uploaded for employees to access any time
  • Includes a modeling component to calculate employee premium costs during the enrollment process
  • Tracks the Evidence of Insurability process
  • Leverages the use of information collected for management reporting purposes, which can be downloaded into Microsoft Excel or Access for customized reporting
  • Integrates benefit election data with existing internal systems, such as payroll, HRIS, and other corporate accounting and management systems
  • Produces vendor billing information
  • Maintains a chronological transaction log, vital to the integrity and accountability of any benefits administration system
  • Increases accuracy and efficiency by collecting all required employee information the first time

Kind Comments about Bagnall

“Bagnall responds promptly to all questions / concerns, and always follows up to make sure the problem has been resolved.”

Cheryl C.,
Benefits Coordinator